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Geoinform Kft.
Vár Utca 8
5000 Szolnok
(56) 520 648
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A MOL Bányász Szakszervezet alapszervezete

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GEOINFORM Ltd. is a highly experienced professional group, which has been active in the field of acquisiting geological and reservoir information from wellbores. It was founded by MOL Corp. (Corp. of the Hungarian Oil Industry), the absolutely largest actor of Hungarys economy.
As a background of the dynamical elan of our venture, experience gained during several hundred years of geological science relating to Hungarian mining and the more 60 years of Hungarian hydrocarbon prospection and exploration should be stressed. Situated in the heart of Europe, Geoinform Ltd. is ready to offer you a broad spectrum of professional services. In possession of: hold of several languages (English, German, French, Russian), high-level expertise, obtained at and improved by professional trainings in Western countries and in the US; moreover, skill and routine attained during decades of activity both in Hungary and abroad, our specialists are at your service.
Experts of three of our firms four business branches have not only done internal (domestic) jobs, but they also have worked successfully in several countries of Europe and of North Africa. The four traditional business lines of GEOINFORM Ltd.: GEOLOGICAL SERVICES LOGGING/PERFORATING SERVICES PROVISION OF EXPLOSIVES WELL TESTING SERVICES Drill stem testing Hydrodinamical test/measurements Sample taking Special test and measurement
Bányászat, Geofizika, Mélyépítés
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