Thököly Imre Általános Iskola, Hajdúszoboszló

Thököly Imre Általános Iskola
Kölcsey Utca 2-4.
4200 Hajdúszoboszló
(52) 270 850
(52) 557 673


Iskolánk a város központjához közeli lakótelepen van, csendes környezetben. 16 osztályban folyik az oktatás, évfolyamonként 2 tanulócsoportban, átlagban 20-26-os osztálylétszámmal.

Idegen nyelvű leírás
Our school, Imre Thököly Primary School, in this town is one of the schools with great past and strong traditions, has changed recently. These strong traditions have been completed with new energy, innovative and pointing forward thinking, resoluteness and with activity make possible to put into practice great number of results. Our teaching staff, the workers of our school do the best to make our school more pleasant, to establish an atmosphere of intimacy, where students in a nice surround can study and be active. We promise such conditions where the substance of knowledge is acquaired playfully and successfully.
We know that our main task is to form the more effective basic skills, to prepare our students for their continuated education. It is possible because of the high-level erudition of our colleagues. We pay extreme attention for foreign languages, Computer Science and of course P.E.
especially for swimming.Our successful work is proved by the results of different competitions.
Iskola, Általános Iskola, Nevelés, Tanítás, Informatika Oktatás, Oktatás, Képzés, Nyelvoktatás, Gyerek
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